Department of Radiology
Imaging Division
University Hopital Zürich

The major focus of the research activities is the development and evaluation of new imaging techniques which may be translated into clinical protocols for an improved assessment of diseases. Key aspects are advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques for tissue characterization, highfield MRI with static magnetic fields up to 7 Tesla, hybrid Positrone-Emission-Tomography/Magnetic-Resonance-Imaging, molecular imaging (especially stem cell characterization) and preclinical research. ("bench-to-bedside"). We are not able to provide an all-encompassing overview

We cordially invite other researchers to get into contact with us. In research cooperations we can support you regarding
» the study design
» the implementation and optimization of MRI protocols (clinical and small animal MR scanners)
» development of suitable post-processing tools (programming language Matlab)
» Micro-CT (μCT) scan capacity

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Department of Radiology
Imaging Division
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